Mark Corwin

Professor of Music
at Concordia University

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Director, Electroacoustic Studios


Interests focus on all aspects of audio art, including recent digital technologies for:

Mixing in Pro Tools, Sound Designer, Logic, Peak, CoolEdit Pro
Modification of sound with Kyma, MacPOD, SoundHack, Cecilia,
Synthesis using Kyma, MetaSynth, Cecilia, Max/MSP, Sound Hack, Thonk

Teaching is a passion - Electroacoustic Studies, Ea Webmaster

An unabashed Macintosh apostle since 1985.

Producer, Recording Engineer on over 25 recordings since 1991. Discography

Keenly interested in the Corwin Genealogy (unofficial compilation)

Favorite Site: the Canadian Electroacoustic Community mp3s (CEC)

Sound files under construction - Summer's Passing

Summer's Past (multi-media collaboration) - TBA


"Not Without Humility"